A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Having already read O’Connor’s “Good Country People”, I was able to draw a slight parallel between that story and her “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. Both stories portray characters who tend to present themselves in a different light from what they truly are.

In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, I find the grandmother to be the most deceptive and superficial of all the other characters. While I have no sympathy for the Misfit, I still see him as someone who is more sincere and consistent with his beliefs ( even though his evil deeds cannot be justified by any means), than the old so-called lady. She generates lies, manipulates her family members, acts selfishly in crucial moments, and does all of it while wearing a mask of a “true lady”…It’s ironic that she says to the Misfit “You could be honest too if you’d only try,” as if she were honest with her son about bringing the cat along, or wanting to visit her connections in Tennessee rather than travel to Florida. She is very judgmental, ready to criticize everyone but won’t admit any of her faults. For instance, right before the accident, when she realized that she was wrong about the house they were looking to visit, she decided to stick with it and not tell the truth. Ultimately, it was her fault that the entire family was killed. 

None of the characters in the story has good morals and values.The grandmother is  too self-complacent; the men are short-tempered, abusive, and disrespectful; and the children are rude and unruly.

In a sense, even though it may sound harsh of me to say, maybe death came as redemption to the family who didn’t live by true Christian values…



One response to “A Good Man Is Hard to Find

  1. heather pope

    This is such a wonderful response.

    You’ve picked up on many of the underlying themes, and discussed them in a way that might provide material for your first essay. I hope that you’ll bring up some of these points in class; they’re all important and astute.

    Nice job!

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