The First Week of Classes

           I must admit that being an international student is not easy. Sometimes, in classes like our ours, where a vast majority  of students are English native speakers, it can be little tricky. Every once in a while you hear or read a word that you are not familiar with. While you feel like asking someone about the meaning( since you shouldn’t be using your cellphone in class, right? Otherwise the google friend would help out),you don’t really want another twenty plus sets of eyes staring at you and wondering how in the world someone can not know it…

         I am also not a student of a typical age (please don’t get too excited: I have no intention of revealing how old I really am!), and consider myself pretty old-fashioned when it comes to technology… While I do like using Facebook, texts etc., I was pretty darn scared when Prof. Pope opened up her class with the notion of a blog…I left the class last Wednesday with mixed feelings…Wasn’t quite sure how to go about the whole blogging concept, but I am not a quitter! After all, It took a lot of sleepless nights, fear and courage to pack up a suitcase and leave Serbia, the place where I was born, raised and pretty much established. Yes, I came with just a suitcase but not just any suitcase. This one contained much more than clothes, and shoes. This one was filled up with black and white memories from my childhood, an old shabby pillow to heal nostalgia when I lay my head on it, but before everything else, it was filled with high expectations and big dreams. After all, I was going to the Promised Land for an infinite amount of time. 

       I hope I didn’t digress too much and still have your attention. Most of the fears I mentioned above were gone by our Friday’s class.I am really not trying to flatter Prof. Pope, but I love having professors who truly care about their students and show genuine interest in getting to know them better. Being a teacher myself, I think of it as the only right approach.

      Long story short, I expect this to be an adventurous and pretty exciting class..I’ve learned to trust my intuition and so far, it has never been wrong!

      Good luck everyone! 🙂




2 responses to “The First Week of Classes

  1. heather pope

    You write beautifully, and you’re very funny, too!

    I loved reading your reactions to class and about your suitcase filled with treasures.
    I’m really looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  2. Thank you for you comment, Professor Pope. It’s my pleasure to be in your class!

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