Peer Review Workshop #1

graduate-writing-center-science-peer-review-groupSome of the reasons why I thought that the peer review workshop was a great idea are:

a) each student gets an opportunity to receive an effective feedback;

b) working in smaller groups instead of a whole class is less intimidating and gives more quiet students a chance to be heard;

c) by critiqing other students’ works we are able to observe our own mistakes in writing;

d) getting more than one (instructor’s) review certainly benefits students.

Some of the cons of the workshop that I noticed:

a) some students tend to give very general feedbacks which I find pretty useless. If someone says to me “I really like it, it’s good,” but is unable to provide the supporting arguments for such a statement, it’s not very constructive;

b) I also believe that there’s a little bit of skepticism among students reviewing each other’s works ( we tend to trust the professor’s opinion more than the peers’)

What do you hope to do differently next time?

*Maybe next time we could make a few extra copies of our essay, so our group members can  look at the papers while we read. I had a hard time hearing certain essays. It gets pretty noisy in the classroom when you have 4-5 people reading at the same time. Also, a lot of people including myself are visual, so having a copy in front of me would definitely allow me to give better reviews.


One response to “Peer Review Workshop #1

  1. Thank you so much for this incredibly thorough review. I agree with just about everything that you’ve written. I’m so grateful, however, for your suggestion! It’s a great one, and it reminds me of the way that we review peer work in graduate school. Thanks!

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