Frankenstein: Volume 3 ( last chapters)

As I was done reading the last letter that Walton sent to his sister Margaret, I stared at the last page for a few minutes. I tried really hard to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Typically, when I read a novel, I have my favorite character who I support through thick and thin. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein had me constantly in doubt. Do I like or hate Frankenstein? Does he deserve sympathy or he is as bad as the monster that he created? These were some of the questions that I can’t completely answer even now, upon complete reading.

In the end, it really makes me wonder if Victor and the monster have more similarities or differences in common. Ultimately, they are both led by a strong desire for revenge. In the beginning, it is the Monster who seeks revenge as a payback to Victor for refusing to create him a mate. Later on, it’s Victor himself trying to avenge  his murdered friends and family members.

Like the monster, Victor experiences loneliness as well after his beloved get killed. He loses his purpose in life. Maybe better said, he finds the new purpose, and it’s to chase the monster he creates until one of them dies. Victor is desperate to find and kill the monster, so he says, “Scoffing devil! Again do I vow vengeance; again do I devote thee, miserable fiend, to torture and death. Never will I omit my search, until he or I perish”. Victor really dies chasing the monster. He is not the same person from the beginning of the story. He loses his enthusiasm, his best friend, and Imagehis closest family. He has no ideals to live for. He dies as a miserable and a lonely person.


One response to “Frankenstein: Volume 3 ( last chapters)

  1. You grasp the story so well, and describe its tragedies eloquently. I feel the same way at the end of this novel. Reading your response makes me relate it to the Montresor Coat-of-Arms, All of these stories have so much in common. Great job!

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