Research Journal # 5

1)              As my last source I chose to use Maurice Charney’s Comedy:A Geographic and Historical Guide. While no one suspects something as dreadful as death to happen during carnival time, the description of the catacombs decorated with human remains does not leave anyone indifferent. On the contrary, the reader is fully aware of the critical situation, and notices the quick change in atmosphere, from joyousness to the darkness of the catacombs.

As mentioned in Comedy: A Geographic and Historical Guide, Volume 2, “The gallows irony in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ (1843) comes from the contrast between the fun of the carnival and the pleasant connotations of the wine cellar when contrasted with ominous words. In the end, Fortunato, who is not so fortunate as his name would imply is entomb alive in a dark wine cellar (Charney 406).

Fortunato is completely immersed in the festive spirit of the carnival and is oblivious to multiple warning signs that could save his life. Unlike the reader, Fortunato takes no heed of them, and proceeds towards his own grave. He is pretty intoxicated as well, so he becomes an easy prey.

2)              The source I am using is credible (reference book).

3)              The piece is well written which is one of the reasons why I chose to use it. The quote itself could have been little longer but is still a valuable contribution to my essay.

4)              The piece is going to be used to elaborate on how the setting of the story (carnival time) contributes to the overall suspense that builds in the reader.

5)              Charney, Maurice. Comedy: A Geographic and Historical Guide. Vol. 2. N.p.: Greenwood Group, 2005. Print.


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