Gemini, What Are You Fighting For?

I will start off by saying that I am not much familiar with so-called spoken poetry. I watched the assigned videos and did not quite enjoy them. Part of the reason for this could be the fact that I don’t like or listen to rap music and this is exactly what these poems remind me of.

Instead of bashing the Gemini’s performance, I will rather try to point out what I do like about it.

First of all, I think he is a powerful artist and he recites from the heart. This is very important because this either grabs the attention of the audience watching him, or it disappoints them. Gemini has a great presence on stage. He is very charismatic and the audience responds well. He is listing the possible and most likely outcome for those who opt to join gangs. When he says, “ Don’t you see that you are dying for nothing, rather than living for something”, he implies how meaningless it is to join the groups of people who have no healthy ambition to succeed in life but rather achieve a temporary success by destroying other innocent lives. They ruin their own lives eventually. By using the images such as caskets, or tombstones, Gemini keeps reminding the gangsters of their imminent future unless they turn their lives around. He also repeats “What are you fighting for?” throughout the poem which adds a lot of emphasis to his presentation. He changes this question to “ What are you dying for?” at the very end and it creates an effective statement. The money that drug dealers make is not worth dying for it…


One response to “Gemini, What Are You Fighting For?

  1. I love your openmindedness and ability to look for the positive in these videos. I do know what you mean about them; I think that they make some people realize the relevance of poetry, despite the fact that it is very similar to rap. Great job!

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